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Compacting press tool adaptor sizing press automation equipment
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???ADD???:No.2 of Changsheng Street, Shuige Rd, Nanjing Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province
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Entrepreneurship: sincerely progress
Corporate values: to create wealth for community, customers and employees
Enterprises style: Harmony and efficient
Management philosophy: rigorous, realistic, improve and prompt
Business philosophy: cooperation and win-win
Quality Concept: To produce high quality products with high-quality work
Talent idea: to the best of our ability
Technology concepts: continuous innovation to strive for first class
    华体会体育app苹果 was established in 1995, which is a privately owned Hi-tech enterprise that specialized in the manufacturing & development of powder forming technology, forming equipment, tool adapters and peripheral equipment. The products with high technologies are very competitive in China and abroad, therefore, attract experienced and skilled workers, who are determined to go beyond the world class technology of powder pressing machinery, they also comprehensively understand the dry powder forming process and the demands of customers. These advantages are narrowing the gap between 华体会体育app苹果 and it???s customers. And it helps 华体会体育app苹果 to become a reliable and trustable partner to it???s customers.
    The rich specialized knowledge, strict quality assurance and progressively demands of customers made its high speed developing and constantly provide thousands of automatic dry powder compacting presses with high capability, high quality for line of magnetic materials, electron, special ceramic, PM, hard metals and carbon products. 华体会体育app苹果 is not only satisfied the demanding based on domestic market, but also actively exploit international market, at present, 华体会体育app苹果 products have penetrated into tens of countries all over the world and successfully sell products to one-top enterprise that manufacture parts from most developed countries, such as Germany, USA, Spain, Italy etc. and obtain high praise among customers. Powder forming technologies and equipments are at the beginning of developing in China, and its technologies still have a certain distance with overseas countries, so we know we shoulder heavy responsibilities, though it would be much challenges behind us, 华体会体育app苹果 is full of energetic with confidence and ability to participate in the competition of both domestic & international market.
    华体会体育app苹果 upholds ???enhancing, enterprising, opening innovation??? as its enterprise sprit, build up ???perfect manufacturing??? as its enterprise cultures, keeping improving and pursuing excellence. We try our best to support customers as realize their incomes against investment, construct 华体会体育app苹果 to be an international enterprise with one top technology and qualities, made 华体会体育app苹果 and its customers realize real win-win reliable partner relationship. Finally, we sincerely welcome you to visit 华体会体育app苹果 and it is worthwhile by the way to see the ancient river ban city, Nanjing, which has a world-class city wall of six hundred years old with rich culture.
16T Automatic Blank Arrangment System RS-1 for Hard Metal
A letter to solicit opinions on the organization of academic seminars and exchange activities about special ceramic powder compacting technology.
To celebrate that the 华体会体育app苹果-60A multifunction robot system has been successfully developed and put into production.
Warmly congratulate that General Manager Xu Yunchan has been employed as a Experts of first group of Powder Metallurgy Association Of China.
To celebrate the 华体会体育app苹果-20C high speed press has been successfully developed and put into production.
A lecture on cemented carbide in 2007
New trademark hydraulic components were transfered
The conference about NC blade press with robot
Won the title of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province
  The latest products -60 tons Press robot system
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